Worker’s Compensation Lien Recovery

Workers Comp Lien RecoveryThe California Labor Code as it relates to Workers’ Compensation states that the employer, i.e., Workers’ Compensation, is responsible for the medical care of employees’ work-related injuries. So what’s the difficulty?  You, Group Health Carriers are not responsible, right?  You have recovery rights! California Workers’ Compensation law is unique.  Who’s representing your interest?

Submission Process

  1. Complete an Assignment Request Form (click here for document)
  2. Complete the Summary Sheet  (click here for document)
    1. Provider Name
    2. Dates of Service
    3. Amount of Bill
    4. Amount of Bills Paid by your company
  3. If immediately available, a copy of all bills paid relating to the injury/illness. If not immediately available, we will need this supportive documentation as soon as possible. In addition, if applicable – we will need the following info:
    1. Copy of Paid Claims
    2. UB-82/92 – Diagnosis
    3. Itemization of hospital charges
    4. Patient admittance form
    5. Pertinent medical info (e.g., Operative Report)
  4. If this case was discovered by your company, we need to know why you believe the injury is work-related. Please include:
    1. WCAB# or Employees Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits (DWC-1) Form
    2. Relative notes or completed questionnaire
    3. Names and address of the Employer
    4. Any attorney correspondence including Workers’ Compensation subpoenas.